Life Members

Life Membership is awarded to members of the Falcons that have made a significant contribution to the club during its history. Our life members have all played an important part in developing and maintaining the reputation of the club and the committee extends its thanks for the time, energy, and effort they have all made:

  • Sandra Bendle               
  • Stephen Bendle             
  • Gail Dwyer                   
  • Alan Hawkins                
  • Brian Mandergeddes       
  • Jenni Michell                  
  • John Michell                  
  • Danny Roelofs                 
  • Lesley Roelofs               
  • Marilyn Rosa                 
  • Helen Simpson              
  • Dennis Smith     
  • Alan Wellman    
  • Gayle Williams      
  • Ondray Ephraums (Deceased)  Wife – Judy Ephraums
  • Geoff Fairweather                                  
  • Ramona Alty  
  • Kevin Dwyer