Team Managers

Team Managers play an important role in ensuring the smooth running of Falcons teams acting as a conduit for information and communication between the club committee and their team’s players and coaches.

At the beginning of each season the coach is responsible for ensuring that the team appoints a team manager; from that point on the team manager:

  • Organises the collection and payment of weekly team sheet fees
  • Organises the scoring & sweeping roster
  • Informs the team of the fixture and training roster
  • Passes on any communications from the committee to the players
  • Provides updated contact information for player families to the committee
  • Coordinates the distribution and collection of player intent forms
  • Ensures the correct team information is entered into the Sporting Pulse scoring systems at start of the season
  • Communicates any concerns with the team or coaching to the committee
  • Ensures that players and parents are aware of club policies for medicals, walkovers, etc.

Policies to be aware of:

Team managers also need to be familiar with the following policies: