Please Take It Easy

23 Apr 2016 4:09 PM -

Please Take It Easy.

Remember this is kids basketball, we need to set a good example.

There has been a disturbing rise in the number of reported court side incidents with Spectators / Parents / Coaches disrespecting other people and some alarming language being used in an environment full of juniors.  This will not be tolerated and offenders will be dealt with.

Please realise this behaviour has a major effect on all witnesses especially the most impressionable; our junior players, siblings and friends.

We adults need to be good role models and display respect to all others including, referees, officials, players and spectators.

Please think how you would feel if your child was on the receiving end of another adults tirade!

 We understand finals are coming up and this can cause a lot of angst, as we all want the best for our loved ones but we all need to demonstrate respect to all other all the time and remember this is Junior Domestic Basketball, it is meant to be fun!!!