Training is an important part of learning the skills and the team work needed to play and win games. All teams train once a week for one hour, usually on a weekday evening, with the earliest training sessions commencing at 4pm and the latest commencing at 8:30pm. Training is conducted at one of the locations listed on our Venues page.

At the beginning of each season your team will be allocated a training day and time – with over 60 teams to schedule every week the club does its best to allocate a day and time that works best for the coach and the majority of the team. Any concerns regarding your training time should be raised with your team manager who will then work with the club to see if an alternative arrangement can be made.
Unfortunately we can’t accept individual requests to reschedule training times and we do not make changes due to clashes with other activities (including representative basketball).

What happens at training?

The team’s coach leads the training session and will generally spend the majority of the time  guiding players through a series of training drills to develop skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing, defending, and positioning as well as discussing tactics for upcoming games.
Every coach approaches training differently depending on the development needs of the team, but all coaches will work to ensure that every player develops the basic skills of the game.

What to bring to training

First and foremost each player should bring a positive and willing attitude to training!
In addition each player should bring their own (inflated) basketball – Girls use a size 6 basketball in all age groups and boys use a size 6 basketball for Under 8’s to Under 14’s, then a size 7 basketball is used from Under 16’s to Under 23’s.
Players are also encouraged to bring a water bottle, particularly in the summer season, as players will be active for the majority of the training session, and temperatures at some venues during summer can be quite warm.

What to wear to training

Players are not required to wear their uniform to training but are welcome to do so if they wish. Players should wear appropriate footwear, such as basketball shoes or trainers, shorts, and a t-shirt or singlet. Additionally Girls must have their hair tied up in a pony-tail or plait.
During the cooler months players are also encouraged to bring a hoodie to wear after training has finished.

Who should come to training

All players under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of the training session. Parents and guardians are encouraged to be supportive, but we do ask that you refrain from participating (either physically or verbally) in the training session unless you are explicitly invited to do so by a coach.
Siblings are also welcome to attend training sessions however they will not be permitted to participate in the training session.

Venue etiquette

When entering and leaving training venues players are reminded to be considerate of residents in the area; the bouncing of basketballs outside of training venues is prohibited, and noise should be kept to a reasonable volume.
We also ask you to help us keep our training venues clean and tidy by placing all your rubbish in the bins provided, and wiping up any spillages that occur in the toilets or other areas of the training venues.
The club may lose access to training venues if the guidelines above are not adhered to, so your co-operation is greatly appreciated.