A walkover occurs when a team does not have enough players present at a game.  The minimum number of players required to start a game is 4.  There are two types of walkover and both cost the club money.  A “notified walkover” occurs when the club notifies Knox Basketball prior to Wednesday before the game; this costs $50.00.  An “un-notified walkover” occurs if Knox Basketball is notified after the Wednesday prior to the game costs is $75.00.

To avoid a walkover fill-in players can be used. Please contact the boys or girls coordinator to arrange fill-ins.  A player can fill-in for another team if they play in the same grade or play in a lower grade than the team they are filling in for.  A player cannot fill-in for a team that is in a lower grade than they usually play; this will cause a forfeit for that game and will affect the team’s percentage on the ladder.

There is no limit to the number of games a player can fill-in for a team at the same grade, but a player filling in for a higher grade can only fill-in twice.  It is vital that a committee member oversees the process of arranging fill-ins to ensure players filling in from a lower grade are not forced to change to a higher grade.

If your team has a walkover game please ensure you let the club secretary know as soon as possible which of your players were available to ensure they are credited for the game (low game credits will affect players eligibility to play in finals games).